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Our mission is the publication and digital visibility of national and international scientific research in the health area, with a focus on open access publications, which seek to disseminate the results of relevant scientific studies, peer-reviewed by a qualified editorial board, valuing quality, impact and its scientific and social relevance.

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Vol. 2 No. 4 (2024): October/December - 2024

This cover image is based on the Health Review entitled Sensitivity profile of pathogens identified in the diagnosis of urinary infection by uroculture carried out at the National Institute for Health Research, Luanda/Angola, during the pre - pandemic, intra - pandemic and post - pandemic of COVID 19 by Dr. Wind Duarte Augusto and colleagues. In this article, the authors aimed to understand the antibiotic susceptibility profile of microorganisms isolated in urine samples at the reference microbiology laboratory in Luanda/Angola from 2016-2022 (pre-pandemic, pandemic, and post-pandemic).

Published: 2024-02-09

Issue Information

Howard Lopes Ribeiro Junior


Caracterização de pacientes hospitalizados com dengue que evoluíram para óbito em um complexo hospitalar de referência

Jorge Taylor Moraes Secaf Filho, Taiza Maschio de Lima, Lina de Moura Mendes, Flávia Queiroz, Alana Augusta de Menezes, Letícia Olmos Pelegrini, Márcia Wakai Catelan, Maria Lúcia Machado Salomão


Development of cardiac arrhythmias in patients with Long COVID-19 Syndrome

Lígia Maria Oliveira de Souza, Marta Lopes, Alessandra Savi Bellizzi, Ruthleia Leoncio de Almeida, Clécio Jardim da Silva, Cleber Ferreira da Silva, Diogenes Durañones, Andrea Paola Britos Gómez, Pamela Ayumi Akamatsu, José Carlos Alves Magalhães, Marcelo Emanuel Villalba Portillo , Gilberto Ramon Marzal Salina, Ezequias Oliveira de Souza, Ana Beatriz Soares Ramos


The Relationship between Addictive Use of Social Media and Psychiatric Disorders: The Mediating Role of Emotion Dysregulation

Jacqueline Rodrigues Magalhães, Maria Madalena Correia Figueiredo, Ana Beatriz Teófilo Macedo dos Santos, Felipe Bergamasco Perri Cefali, Daniel de Oliveira Solfa, Rodolfo Basílio Madeira Neto, Sarah Gurgel Ponte Fontenelle, Marcelo Victor Fontenele Girão, Rafael Martins Barreiro, Luana Stangherlin, Júlio César Claudino dos Santos


Role of Gut-Brain Axis in Autism Spectrum Disorder: a Focus on the Neuroinflammation and Microglial Polarization

Isabela de Oliveira, Gabriel Felipe Gomes, Stéfani Lara Galvão, Victor Mendes Nóbrega Rocha, Vinicius Mendes Nóbrega Rocha, Camila Marciele Kammers, Júlio César Claudino dos Santos


Intervenções de Enfermagem que contribuem para a adesão ao exame de citologia oncótica: Revisão Integrativa

Pollyane Pascale Paiva Oliveira, Luã Carlos de Souza, Rafael Tavares Silveira Silva, Renata Cidineide de Moura, Laura Maria de Morais Fernandes, Andressa de Sousa Barros, Sara Elainny Soares Paiva, Josefa Jamilla Martins Alves, Krysnah Allen da Silva Melo, Paula Héllen da Silva Lima, Pedro Davi Carlos de Moura, Taís Leandra Ferreira dos Santos, Migna Jucy Marques da Silva


Implantação de Serviço Hospitalar de Cuidados Paliativos em Hospital da Região Norte do Rio Grande Do Sul: um Plano Conceitual

Taciê Hartmann Tissiani, Emanuela Lando, Maria Augusta Zaffari Safro, Adriana Elisa Wilk


Metabolic syndrome as the main risk factor associated with the development of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and cardiovascular pathologies

Marta Lopes, Ligia Maria Oliveira de Souza, Girnaldo Leônidas , Caroline Pereira de Souza, Luiza Merigo Santa Rosa, Pamella Barbosa Ferreira Marques, Myllena Cardoso Lima, Raquel Farias Cyrino, Luz Mariele Paredes Dominguez, Barbara Priscila Alves de Souza, Rita Cardozo Lugo, Romina Maricel Espínola Sánchez


Therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest: a literature review

José Victor da Nóbrega Borges, Samira Abdel Correia Leila


From Myelodysplastic Syndrome to Myelodysplastic Neoplasm: The Impact of WHO's Reclassification on MDS Research

Jonas Nogueira Ferreira Maciel Gusmão, Diego Thiers Oliveira Carneiro, Howard Lopes Ribeiro-Junior


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